Harvest Ridge Coffee Co. Ride To The Ridge.

An Early Morning Scooter Ride?
A GREAT Cup of Harvest Ridge Coffee?

You Can Enjoy Both!
It's EASY!
Simply stop by your Quincy or Macomb Illinois Ayerco Convenience Center and register to win!
You could be one of our weekly drawing finalists!
On May 10, 2014, we will combine all entries, and draw for one of 3 Harvest Ridge Scooters!

Keep Listening to your favorite StarRadio or Prestige station for more details...
And WATCH THIS WEB PAGE to see if YOU could be one of the
"Ride to the Ridge" Winners


#1     Jason Hagerbaumer and Steph Nieders from Quincy and David Moulton of Macomb
#2     Rick Sheer and Eric Davidson from Quincy and Vernon McCombs of Macomb
#3     Cory Brown and Terry Reardon from Quincy and Becky Faxon of Macomb
#4     Bobby Anders, Sr. and Kevin Speagle from Quincy and Patty Rusher of Macomb
#5     Bryant Holiday from Quincy, John Dobbs from Loraine and Lisa Ward of Macomb
#6     Kim Beaty and Jack Gannoche from Quincy and Jana Gray of Macomb
#7     Elizabeth Wienhoff and Jeff Bergman from Quincy and Doug Watson of Macomb